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Garp3 User Manual

Welcome to the Garp3 User Manual. Here you can find help on using Garp3. Every screen in Garp3 has its own help page which describes the operations available on that screen.

To learn about how to use the help pages best, follow this link: Help

Task description

The main screen of Garp3 offers access to the main operations, which are divided in three categories: file operations, build operations, and simulate operations. When you start Garp3, only the toolbar for the file operations is shown, while the build and simulate toolbars are collapsed.

Task context

You can expand the build or simulate toolbar by pressing the button 'Show build tasks' or the button 'Show simulate tasks'. The tooltips can help you find out which button to press: The operation associated to a button and other items in the interface of Garp3 will appear as a tooltip when you move the mouse over it.

Tasks in this workspace

This workspace is divided into three categories. On top is the File operations section, in the middle is the Build operations section and at the bottom are the Simulate operations.

File: Open model from file | Open model in legacy mode | Open new model | Save model | Save model to new file | Save model in legacy mode
Build: Edit entity hierarchy | Edit agent hierarchy | Edit assumption hierarchy | Edit configuration definitions | Edit quantity definitions | Edit quantity spaces definitions | Edit 'About this model and Sketch' | Edit attribute definitions | Edit scenarios definitions | Edit latest scenario | Edit model fragments definitions | Edit latest model fragment
Simulate: Full simulation | Open simulation | Open trace window | Select scenario | Set simulation preferences | Simulate scenario

Additional features
Tooltips | Action buttons | Graphical icons
Definitions involved ingredients
Agent | Assumption | Attribute | Configuration | Entity | Model | Model fragment | Quantity | Quantity space | Scenario | Simulation
Icons related to this task
Related tasks
Build tasks | File tasks | Simulate tasks


Garp3 main screen

This example shows the Garp3 main screen with the model 'Population 2006 09 20' loaded. The Garp3 main screen is divided into three categories of tasks. At the top are the File tasks, in the middle the Build tasks and at the bottom the Simulate tasks.