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Task description

In this workspace metadata about the model can be supplied. It is also the place where Sketch is located, which is a collection of tools to aid the user in making his ideas about the modelling tasks explicit.

Task context

This workspace can be accessed from the Build tasks in the Garp3 main menu and gives access to the metadata forms and the Sketch environment. Build tasks

Tasks in this workspace

In this workspace several forms of metadata can be supplied, such as general information, status and bugs, model data and abstract and general remarks. In the Sketch part of this workspace the concept map, structural model, causal model, processes, actions and external influences, scenarios and behaviour graph editor can be opened and filled in. Only one editor can be open at a time and it is possible to add remarks for each Sketch task.

Add metadata: Abstract and general remarks | General information | Model data | Model status and bug reports
Sketch: Actions and external influences | Behaviour graph | Causal model | Concept map | Processes | Scenarios | Structural model

Additional features
Naming ingredients | Tooltips | Action buttons | Graphical icons
Definitions involved ingredients
Behaviour graph | Causal model | Concept map | External influence | Process | Scenario | Structural model
Icons related to this task
Related tasks
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About this model and Sketch

This example shows the 'About this model and Sketch' editor when it is opened from the Garp3 main screen.