Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation with Democratic Attention Networks


Few-shot segmentation has recently generated great popularity, addressing the challenging yet important problem of segmenting objects from unseen categories with scarce annotated support images. The crux of few-shot segmentation is to extract object information from the support image and then propagate it to guide the segmentation of query images. In this paper, we propose the Democratic Attention Network (DAN) for few-shot semantic segmentation. We introduce the democratized graph attention mechanism, which can activate more pixels on the object to establish a robust correspondence between support and query images. Thus, the network is able to propagate more guiding information of foreground objects from support to query images, enhancing its robustness and generalizability to new objects. Furthermore, we propose multi-scale guidance by designing a refinement fusion unit to fuse features from intermediate layers for the segmentation of the query image. This offers an efficient way of leveraging multi-level semantic information to achieve more accurate segmentation. Extensive experiments on three benchmarks demonstrate that the proposed DAN achieves the new state-of-the-art performance, surpassing the previous methods by large margins. The thorough ablation studies further reveal its great effectiveness for few-shot semantic segmentation.

ECCV 2020