Video & Image Sense Lab

We make sense of video and images with artificial and human intelligence. The lab studies computer vision, deep learning and cognitive science. We are based at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam.

The VIS Lab embeds five public-private AI labs. QUVA Lab with Qualcomm, Delta Lab with Bosch, Atlas Lab with TomTom, AIM Lab with the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence and POP-AART with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Elekta Oncology Systems. Spin-off's from the lab include Kepler Vision Technologies and


  • [2021-11] BMVC best paper award for Ivan, Artem & Arnold.
  • [2021-10] 6 papers accepted at BMVC.
  • [2021-10] 4 papers accepted at NeurIPS.
  • [2021-10] Subhransu Maji spends a sabbatical at VIS lab.
  • [2021-10] Stefan Pollok and Mengmeng Jing visit the VIS lab as part of their PhD.
  • [2021-10] Mohammad Reza Salehi, Tejaswi Kasarla, Leonard Bereska, Riccardo Valperga, Ilze Amanda Auzina join the VIS lab as PhD students.
  • [2021-10] Yuki Asano joins the VIS lab as an assistant professor.
  • [2021-9] Congratulations to Dr. Shuai Liao and Dr. Berkay Kicanaoglu for obtaining their doctorate degree.
  • [2021-9] Haochen Wang, Jie Liu, Yongtuo Liu join the VIS lab as PhD students.
  • [2021-8] Pengwan Yang joins the VIS lab as a PhD student.
  • [2021-7] 4 papers accepted at ICCV.
  • [2021-6] Arnold Smeulders awarded UvA Honorary Medallion.
  • [2021-5] 4 outstanding reviewer awards at CVPR.
  • [2021-5] 4 papers accepted at ICML.
  • [2021-4] Congratulations to Dr. Nour Hussein and Dr. Tom Runia for obtaining their doctorate degree.
  • [2021-3] 4 papers accepted at CVPR.
  • [2021-1] 5 papers accepted at ICLR.
  • [2020-12] Hazel Doughty joins the VIS lab as a Postdoc.

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On Measuring and Controlling the Spectral Bias of the Deep Image Prior

IJCV 2022

Variational Abnormal Behavior Detection with Motion Consistency

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2021

WeakSTIL: Weak whole-slide image level stromal tumor infiltrating lymphocyte scores are all you need

SPIE Medical Imaging 2022

Safe Fakes: Evaluating Face Anonymizers for Face Detectors

IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2021

Variational Multi-Task Learning with Gumbel-Softmax Priors

NeurIPS 2021