Video & Image Sense Lab

We make sense of video and images with artificial and human intelligence. The lab studies computer vision, deep learning and cognitive science. We are based at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam.

The VIS Lab embeds four public-private AI labs. QUVA Lab with Qualcomm, Atlas Lab with TomTom, AIM Lab with the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence and POP-AART with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Elekta Oncology Systems. Spin-off's from the lab include Kepler Vision Technologies and


  • [2023-5] Hazel Doughty, Mina Ghadimi Atigh, and Piyush Nitin Bagad recognized as outstanding reviewers for CVPR.
  • [2023-4] 3 papers accepted at ICML.
  • [2023-3] Tao Hu selected for CVPR Doctoral Consortium.
  • [2023-2] 3 papers accepted at CVPR.
  • [2023-2] Congratulations to Dr. Riaan Zoetmulder for obtaining the doctorate degree.
  • [2023-1] 8 papers accepted at ICLR.
  • [2022-12] Congratulations to Dr. Sadaf Gulshad and Dr. Mert Kilickaya for obtaining the doctorate degree.
  • [2022-10] Hazel Doughty and Yunhua Zhang recognized as outstanding reviewers for ECCV.
  • [2022-9] 6 papers accepted at NeurIPS.
  • [2022-9] Congratulations to Dr. William Thong for obtaining the doctorate degree.
  • [2022-8] VIS Lab moved to Lab42.
  • [2022-7] 6 papers accepted at ECCV.
  • [2022-6] Michael Dorkenwald joins the VIS lab as a PhD student.
  • [2022-5] 3 papers accepted at ICML.
  • [2022-4] Congratulations to Dr. Jiaojiao Zhao and Dr. Zenglin Shi for obtaining their doctorate degree.
  • [2022-3] 9 papers accepted at CVPR.
  • [2022-1] 6 papers accepted at ICLR.

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Self-Guided Diffusion Models

CVPR 2023

SuperDisco: Super-Class Discovery Improves Visual Recognition for the Long-Tail

CVPR 2023

Test of Time: Instilling Video-Language Models with a Sense of Time

CVPR 2023

Causal Representation Learning for Instantaneous and Temporal Effects in Interactive Systems

ICLR 2023

Differentiable Mathematical Programming for Object-Centric Representation Learning

ICLR 2023