Only electronic submission

All contributions for the main conference proceedings must be submitted electronically to the AIED 2005 Paper Submission System. Submission is a two-step process.

  • First, authors register with the ConfMaster ( submission management software, which provides a user id and password that enables them to submit papers.
  • Second, they upload their contribution to the system.
  • Contributions for the YRT and IEs should be submitted directly to chairs of these events. However the authors should also submit one page for the main conference proceedings via confmaster.


Submissions must be formatted according to IOS Press requirements (Authors Corner). Please look at the template provided (MS-Word template, LaTeX template). Most important requirements are:

  • Fonts should be 12 point Times New Roman
  • Page format A4
  • The printed area should be 15.6 cm wide and 25.2 cm long
  • Submissions for review must be in:
    • MS Word (.doc),
    • Portable Document Format (.pdf), or
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • Final submissions for conference proceedings must be in: PDF !!
  • Final submissions should NOT have a cover page.
  • The LaTeX style-file provided by IOS press seems to differ from the above mentioned requirements. IOS press tell us that: when using LaTeX authors should follow the details as specified in the LaTeX style-file.

Cover page

Submissions must have a cover page which includes:

  • Type of submission (full paper, poster, YRT paper, panel proposal, workshop proposal, tutorial proposal)
  • Title of the contribution
  • Abstract (200 words)
  • Keywords giving a clear indication of topic and subtopics
  • Contact information for the principal author, including:
    • Author names
    • Affiliations
    • Postal address
    • Phone number, and
    • Email

Number of pages

Remember, do not exceed the maximum number of pages for each type of submission (the cover page does not count as a page for the page count).

  • Full paper - 8 pages (for main conference proceedings)
  • Poster - 3 pages (for main conference proceedings)
  • YRT paper - 6 pages (for YRT proceedings) + 1 page (for main conference proceedings)
  • Interactive events - 4 pages (for IE proceedings) + 1 page (for main conference proceeings)
  • Panel proposal - 2 pages
  • Workshop proposal - 4 pages
  • Contributions to accepted workshops - 8 pages (for workshop proceedings)
  • Tutorial proposal - 3 pages

Information on workshops held at AIED

On July 18th (Monday) and 19th (Tuesday) twelve workshops will be held in conjunction with the AIED main conference. For details visit the individual web-sites of the workshops listed below.

Addition information for specific calls

Some calls for contributions have specific requirements. These are listed below.

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