The ELLIS unit Amsterdam aims to promote Amsterdam’s excellence by ensuring local AI initiatives thrive and produce fruitful gains for the AI ecosystem here. Currently, we extend support to community initiatives which are closely linked to different research groups within the University of Amsterdam. 

The Deep Thinking Hour@Amsterdam is a series of discussions at a roundtable format, debating interesting questions on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision. The Deep Thinking Hour is organized by Efstratios Gavves and his students at the University of Amsterdam; Samuele Papa, Riccardo Valperga, David Knigge, and Miltos Kofinas. 

For more information, visit the Deep Thinking Hour page:  https://thedeepthinkinghour.github.io/

Information drives the planet. We organize talks around implementations of information retrieval, in search engines, in recommender systems, or in conversational assistants. Our meetups are usually held on the last Friday of the month, at Science Park Amsterdam. Usually, we have two talks in a row, one industrial, the other academic, 25+5 minutes each, no marketing, just algorithms, followed by drinks. We also host ad hoc “single shot” events whenever an interesting visitor stops and shares their work.

Follow @irlab_amsterdam on Twitter for the latest updates.

For more information, visit the Search Engines Amsterdam meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/sea-search-engines-amsterdam/

The CLS is the Computational Linguistics Seminar of the University of Amsterdam. Seminars are open to all interested researchers and students of all levels from UvA and elsewhere. To make sure you do not miss any talk, you can add the CLS agenda to your calendar. Link to the CLS calendar.

The CLS usually takes place on Tuesdays at 16:00 in room L3.36 at LAB42 in Amsterdam Science Park or via Zoom. Other days and locations are occasionally possible. See the details for each talk. To receive the details please subscribe to the CLS mailing list. The links to participate on Zoom will be distributed via the mailing list on the day of the seminars. To receive notifications about upcoming talks and the Zoom details, please join the CLS mailing list. Subscribe to the announcement mailing list.

The seminar is organised by Jelke Bloem and Alina Leidinger.

For more information, visit the Computational Linguistics Seminar page: https://projects.illc.uva.nl/LaCo/CLS/

The IAI is an inclusive space for members to get non-academic help from senior peers in the field and connect with like-minded people of similar backgrounds. We organize seminars where students can present their research interests, field trips to AI/ML conferences, social get-togethers, and talks. Our goal is to directly combat the infamous leaky pipeline found in academia. 

We currently offer a mentorship scheme for students of the UvA AI master’s program. Each student will be assigned a mentor from the IAI programme which will be selected according to the student and mentor’s preferences when possible.

The programme lasts for one academic year with an opportunity to extend, as long as the student is enrolled at UvA.

For more information, visit the Inclusive AI page: https://ivi.fnwi.uva.nl/ellis/inclusive-ai/.


The meet-ups for women and gender minorities in AI currently happen on a semi-regular basis every few months and are meant as an informal meet-up where people can meet and connect. We usually have no specific agenda for the meet-up, come and chat, meet your future collaborators or mentors, be challenged by others viewpoints, discuss your cat pictures.

Organiser: Maria Heuss (m.c.heuss@uva.nl).

In Fall 2023, a new causality seminar will start, co-organized by Sara Magliacane, Joris Mooij and Stéphanie van der Pas. 

The aim of the seminar is to bring together researchers in causal inference from the VU, UvA, Amsterdam UMC and CWI, but the seminar is open to everyone. We plan to organize 4 events per year, where each event consists of two scientific talks and a networking event with drinks afterwards.

For more information, visit the website of the Amsterdam Causality Meeting: amscausality.github.io

Sign up for the Google Group: amscausality@googlegroups.com

The AI Safety Initiative Amsterdam (AISIA) is dedicated to reducing the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence. Affiliated with the University of Amsterdam, AISIA offers an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, students, and professionals to engage in AI safety.


– AGI Safety Fundamentals Reading Groups.
– Events: Regular engagements with experts on existential risks and AI safety. For example, Live Q&A with OpenAI, panel discussion on AI safety.
– AI Safety Hackathons: Collaborative problem-solving in AI safety.
– AI Risk Lunch: Meet-ups to discuss AI safety over lunch in Matrix One.

More Information
For detailed schedules and participation, visit our website

Do you know an AI initiative, such as regular talks or seminars, organised locally here at the University of Amsterdam that requires support from the ELLIS unit Amsterdam? Contact us: ellisinfo-science@uva.nl.