ELLIS knows that collaboration between industry and academia is key to bringing Europe to the forefront of developments in machine learning and AI. Through the sponsorship program, ELLIS focuses on creating and deepening these connections and strengthening initiatives to train the next generation of researchers, retain top talent in Europe, push technical innovation, and respond to urgent challenges in the field.


ELLIS believes in cultivating and supporting a diverse and interactive ecosystem around research in machine learning-driven fields in order to bring Europe to the forefront of developments in fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact. Our vision is for Europe to shape how machine learning and AI change the world by connecting outstanding research hot-spots and facilitating collaboration and exchange within these highly developed ecosystems.


ELLIS sponsors are often top industry players and key stakeholders in machine learning and AI in Europe.

Sponsors work closely with ELLIS units to enrich local ecosystems, guide European policy and regulation, and contribute to developments in innovation. These industry players gain access to ELLIS’ network of senior researchers and its talent pool of younger scientists through sponsorship, strengthening the connection between industry trends and cutting-edge research. As stakeholders themselves, our sponsors know the value of supporting a strong and diverse European ecosystem in AI and machine learning.


At Qualcomm AI Research, we are advancing AI to make its core capabilities – perception, reasoning, and action – ubiquitous across devices. Our mission is to make breakthroughs in fundamental AI research and scale them across industries. By bringing together some of the best minds in the field, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and shaping the future of AI.

AI is a technology of vital importance for Bosch. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to create solutions for a connected life, improving quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. Bosch has been conducting AI research for many years. Over the next decade, Bosch aims to incorporate AI into many of its products and services, thus making industrial AI one of its core competencies.

Invenia Lab’s machine learning research is focused on systems with a fundamental importance to everyday life, but which are not dealt with efficiently. Our central interest is in optimizing complex decision-making and resource usage under uncertainty. In particular, the electricity grid offers data with unique properties, including many time series with complex structures, and operations that change rapidly. 

*Invenia Labs is a Cambridge unit platinum sponsor.

At Microsoft Research, our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery and technology innovation to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. We do this by bringing together the best minds across diverse disciplines and backgrounds to take on the most pressing research challenges for Microsoft and for society.

Artea offers its established expertise in Big Data & AI to large and medium-sized organizations. Their value proposition is grounded on two principles: innovation and diversification from competitors. Research & Development is therefore at the heart of their business model: they nurture it both at industrial and academic levels, through exclusive partnerships with leading Italian and European universities.



Sponsorship is fundamental to the ELLIS units, who work to engage local stakeholders and act as coordinator and conduit of their native ecosystem.

Sponsors are typically close partners for their units, and can also be involved in developing projects, strengthening the ecosystem, or guiding the network’s growth. ELLIS sponsors additionally support the ELLIS PhD & Postdoc program, ELLIS research workshops, mobility and exchanges for cross-Europe collaboration, and network activities such as summer schools, bootcamps, lecture series, and networking opportunities.  


By contributing to the development and growth of the ELLIS network, ELLIS sponsors gain access to two levels of benefits.

Sponsors get benefits at both their local unit, and through the ELLIS society. The program is tiered for both of these levels, with Bronze, Silver, and Gold access. Unit-level benefits are discussed between the unit and the sponsor, as different units organize different types of events and opportunities depending on their size, setup, research capacity, number of sponsors, and the maturity of their ecosystem. Society-wide benefits are centrally coordinated, but still managed through the units.


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