Promoting research excellence and advancing breakthroughs in AI



The ELLIS unit in Amsterdam is a local branch of the ELLIS Society, a diverse European network that promotes research excellence and advances breakthroughs in AI. Beyond acting as the local touchpoint for the ELLIS Society, ELLIS Amsterdam brings together top talent from local stakeholders to provide opportunities for students, faculty, researchers, and industry, conduct fundamental basic research, and develop infrastructure for excellence in machine learning in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

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ELLIS (European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems) was established in 2019 as a grassroots initiative in AI with a focus on scientific excellence, innovation, and societal impact, and now has 39 units across Europe, including 3 in the Netherlands. 

ELLIS units are highly innovative ecosystems located at outstanding academic institutions. With a focus on machine learning and machine intelligence within AI, ELLIS units strive to bring together the very best European researchers and work to attract and retain top research talent, boost economic growth, and bring Europe to the forefront of global developments in machine learning and AI. 


Amsterdam is known throughout Europe for its strong tech sector, and is building momentum as a world leader in AI and machine learning. ELLIS Amsterdam seeks to build on the city’s strengths by actively engaging with Amsterdam’s AI ecosystem and connecting local actors to empower innovation in fundamental basic research.

ELLIS Amsterdam maintains close links to the University of Amsterdam (UvA), an international hotspot for deep learning-powered research in AI. The unit is also connected to local partners, such as Science Park, Amsterdam AI, Amsterdam Data Science, and the UvA’s Informatics Institute, all of whom lead the city in advancing the use of machine learning and AI.

Finally, the unit is greatly supported by our sponsors–top industry players that are themselves key stakeholders in the field. Through their collaboration, ELLIS Amsterdam works to close the gap between academia and industry, train and retain the next generation of AI researchers, and eliminate knowledge silos slowing technological and regulatory developments. Our sponsors support not just the unit, but the ELLIS Society mission to enable Europe to play a major, defining role in the current scientific and societal revolution, both benefiting from advancements and shaping their impact.


ELLIS Amsterdam strongly encourages increasing the levels of diversity and inclusion in the fields of machine learning, computer science, and artificial intelligence, and strives to support any initiatives that share this vision. In our programs and activities, we encourage applications and participation from women, people of color, LGBTQ people and members of other marginalized communities. 

ELLIS Amsterdam supports the UvA Inclusive AI program

ELLIS Amsterdam is a promoter of the UvA’s Diversity Policy

Statement on the corporate website of UvA here