ELLIS MSc Meetup connects outstanding MSc students of the ELLIS units in Amsterdam and Nijmegen

The ELLIS MSc Honours Programme of the ELLIS unit Amsterdam and the Excellence Fellowship of the ELLIS unit Nijmegen shares several characteristics which justify the importance of connecting the MSc students participating in the two programmes together.

Aside from the fact that the two ELLIS units are geographically located in the Netherlands, the ELLIS unit Amsterdam and the ELLIS unit Nijmegen both have excellence programmes targeted at outstanding MSc students who are working on different topics of AI research. This year, the ELLIS unit Amsterdam hosted the ELLIS MSc meetup following a fruitful meetup at the Radboud University last year

On October 18th, 2023, three ELLIS MSc Honours students of the ELLIS unit Amsterdam welcomed seven Excellence Fellows of the ELLIS unit Nijmegen at the Lab42, Amsterdam Science Park.The meetup commenced with an introduction session of the MSc students from both ELLIS units. Subsequently, the MSc students shared the latest development of their respective research covering different subfields within the AI landscape and received constructive feedback from their peers. After the deep-thinking hour which lasted over three hours, the ELLIS MSc students enjoyed a dinner together at the Oerknal.

We are pleased that the ELLIS MSc meetup could provide a good opportunity for the MSc students of the two Dutch units to learn from each other and network. The meetup reaffirms the collaborative character of the ELLIS Society network.