ELLIS unit Amsterdam community is growing

Given our commitment to promoting AI advancement here in Amsterdam, we are excited that our community is expanding.

Three PhDs are joining the ELLIS unit Amsterdam community: Grigory Bartosh, Michael Hanna, and Muhammad Islam. Michael Hanna is our ELLIS PhD, while Grigory Bartosh and Muhammad Islam are our Unit Sponsored PhDs. The ELLIS PhD Program aims to foster and educate the best talent in machine learning and related research areas by pairing outstanding students with leading academic and industrial researchers in Europe

Furthermore, five MSc students became part of the unit as Honours students, which means these students will conduct research visits to their respective co-supervisors at ELLIS units abroad. The students and their hosting units are Abra Ganz (ELLIS unit Zurich), Paul Hilders (ELLIS unit Cambridge), Lukas Knobel (ELLIS unit Oxford), Jeroen Wijnen (ELLIS unit Lausanne), and Matteo Tafuro (ELLIS unit Oxford). The ELLIS unit Amsterdam MSc Honours Programme facilitates international research projects for MSc students under the supervision of top-tier academics in the region.