Meet the new members of the ELLIS unit Amsterdam

The ELLIS unit Amsterdam continues to be a highly diverse network that promotes research excellence and advances breakthroughs in AI

Our unit gladly welcomes new members who recently joined our unique and vibrant community. These individuals showcase excellent work in their fields and roles within the AI ecosystem in Amsterdam.

Piyush Bagad and Arsen Sheverdin are our latest MSc Honours Students. They are currently Master AI students at the University of Amsterdam who will conduct exchange visits as part of their thesis projects, thanks to the generous support of Qualcomm Technologies.

Maria Heuss and  Metod Jazbec join the unit as ELLIS PhDs. Maria Heuss joins the Information Retrieval (IRLab) to work as a PhD student while Metod Jazbec is a PhD student in Machine Learning at Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab) / Uva-Bosch Delta Lab.

Andrew Yates and Fernando Pascoal Dos Santos are ELLIS Faculty members while Mohammad Aliannejadi is our unit faculty. Andrew Yates and Mohammad Aliannejadi are part of the IR Lab while Fernando Pascoal Dos Santos works for the Socially Intelligent Artificial Systems and Civic AI Lab.

Yue Song, Srishti Yadav, Guillem Ramírez, Takeru Miyato, Francesco Tonini are our ELLIS unit Amsterdam’s Exchange PhDs.