Two MSc AI students join the ELLIS Unit Amsterdam as honours students

We are happy to announce the new addition to the ELLIS Unit Amsterdam community; two ELLIS Amsterdam MSc honours students. These excellent students are Piyush Bagad and Arsen Sheverdin.

Each of the honours students will conduct an international project under the joint supervision of one ELLIS Member at the University of Amsterdam and one Member at an ELLIS partner institution outside of the Netherlands. During the research projects, these students will visit their co-supervisors with the financial support of the ELLIS Unit Amsterdam, allowing them to expand their network with excellent researchers and gain significant research experience in the fields they are working on.

Arsen Sheverdin will conduct his thesis project under the supervision of Dr. Eric Nalisnick (ELLIS Scholar- ELLIS Unit Amsterdam ) and Dr. José Miguel Hernández-Lobato (ELLIS Fellow- ELLIS Unit Cambridge) while Piyush Bagad, will work under the joint supervision of Prof. Cees Snoek (ELLIS Fellow- ELLIS Unit Amsterdam) and Prof. Andrew Zisserman (ELLIS Fellow- ELLIS Unit Oxford). Previously, Piyush Bagad was granted the ELLIS Unit Amsterdam BSc/MSc Travel Grant for the work he presented at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2022.

The honours students who successfully finish the ELLIS honours programme will get the opportunity to present their MSc thesis work at an ELLIS workshop organised for ELLIS honours students and will be awarded an ELLIS Amsterdam honours certificate if they graduate cum laude.

The ELLIS Amsterdam MSc honours programme is a unique programme designed by the ELLIS Unit Amsterdam. A more detailed description of the ELLIS Amsterdam MSc honours programme and its latest information on the application procedure can be found here. The programme still accepts applications from outstanding MSc students obtaining a degree in artificial intelligence, computer science, computational linguistics, or related fields at the University of Amsterdam.