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Latest update: November 5th 2012
  • Added Garp3 version 1.5.2
    • Circumvented SWI-Prolog bug on Windows (PCE temporary files are in the wrong location)
    • Garp3 version 1.5.2 requires SWI-Prolog version 6.2.0 (or later)
Latest update: August 29th 2012
  • Added Garp3 version 1.5.1
    • Fixed undefined escaped characters preventing startup of Garp3 with new versions of Prolog
    • Made required SWI-Prolog version 6.2.0
July 3rd 2012
  • Added Garp3 version 1.5.0
    • Added comparative analysis
    • Added multiplication and division support
    • Improved second order derivatives and added 3rd order derivatives
April 1st 2010 February 26th 2010
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.12
    • Fixed bug in inequality reasoning: context pointers not updated correctly for calculated quantities
December 4th 2009 December 2th 2009
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.11
    • Garp3 1.4.11 requires SWI-Prolog 5.8.0 (url-encoding bugfix in Semantic Web Library).
    • Simulation: Changed epsilon procedure. If set of immediate terminations becomes empty during ordering, the set of non immediate terminations is no longer tried.
    • Models now have a range of unique identifiers (generated with each save-as) to allow provenance tracking. (Adds model patch)
    • OWL export/import updated: QR model now has URI based on UniqueID. Older unique IDs are saved as owl:priorVersion.
    • Made exogenous behaviours explicit (globally) in design code: design:exogenous_behaviours/1
    • Fixed bug 126: export/import to/from OWL
    • Changed a comment in to "fahig" since it gives syntax errors in some terminals.
    • Migrated from Subversion to Git for version management
March 20th 2009
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.10
    • Fixed bug 125: [OWL] Value Assignments not correctly exported (or imported).
February 26th 2009
  • Added QR2009 announcement
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.9
    • Fixed bug 122: [OWL] Simulation not imported/exported.
    • Fixed bug 123: [OWL] Garp3 does not show the name of imported OWL files
    • Fixed bug 124: [OWL] HGP and OWL files can be open at the same time
    • Fixed typo: 'Assume equal lenght [length] intervals' in Advanced Simulation Preferences.
  • Updated all models, particulary added metadata.
October 31th 2008
  • Updated FAQ
    • Garp3 EPS image files in Latex.
July 28th 2008
  • Updated glossary
    • Fixed quantities icons page.
    • Added link to value correspondence from the correspondence definition.
July 1th 2008
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.8
    • Made it possible to minimize 'Please wait' dialog.
    • Added advanced simulation preference: Extra thorough inequality reasoning (combines all relations with same set of parameters).
    • Developer: Possible to use pldoc documentation without warnings (requires SWI-Prolog 5.6.57).
  • Updated most models to Garp3 version 1.4.8.
May 15th 2008
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.7
    • Note: Garp3 1.4.7 requires SWI-Prolog 5.6.50 or later.
    • Added 'Simulate all scenarios' option in the Simulate evironment.
    • Fixed bug concerning exogenous behaviour and 2nd order derivative behaviour.
18 April 2008
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.6
    • Note: Garp3 1.4.6 requires SWI-Prolog 5.6.50 or later.
    • Added 2nd order derivative information in interface: value list and value history.
    • Fixed bug: correspondence not firing because of pointer update and tautology condition.
4 April 2008
  • Added Garp3 version 1.4.5
    • Added second order derivative consistency check in state generation for assumed ambiguous derivative terminations.
    • Added benchmark code (simple_benchmark, full_benchmark) and benchmark directory (to include models to be benchmarked).
    • Added simulation preference: assume ambiguous derivative terminations.
    • Moved simulation preference 'Fast Path' from 'advanced' to 'basic' menu.
    • Fixed bug 116: cause: invalid pointer updates on sets of correspondences.
    • Major improvement on inequality reasoning. Reasoning deals with sets of interconnected relations separately.
    • Added simulation preference: Fast Path Heuristic.
    • Added tracerwindow cleared of text more often.
    • Added 2nd order derivative information for exogenous quantities.
    • Improved use of landmark information in ordering.
    • Fixed major problem with MFs with inconsistent consequenses.
    • Improved inequality reasoning (combining derived relations, solving relations within variable context).
    • Added reasoning option: default equality relations between points of the same quantity spaces (equal length intervals). Additions and substractions can become possible without extra inequalities.
    • Fixed bug 91: inconsistent equations. The bug was caused by internal representation function which did not strip zero pointers from additions.
    • Added new reasoning options, and removed some (versionpatch).
    • Added influences sorting before resolving them.
    • Added inequality reasoning depth constraint.
    • Second order derivative continuity constraints checked only for unchanged causal models.
    • Added terminations for derivatives based on 2nd order derivative information.
    • Added epsilon ordering constraints on derivatives. Changes of derivatives from points to intervals are now immediate transitions.
    • Added new exogenous influence: parabola (positive & negative).
    • Transitivity reasoning now correctly reasons with zeros.
    • Added sign addition in influence resolution only balancing influences when needed. (minor speedfix).
    • State matching: New state value datastructure for fast checks on state existence (minor speedfix).
    • Tracer: minor info updates on inconsistent relations, inconsistent scenarios and inconsistent transition content.
    • Added multiple language support.
    • Multiple model support reimplemented to support subchanges (model changes caused by model changes by the modeller).
    • Editors and property dialogs now indicate the model they belong to in their titles.
    • Fixed bug 1: Property dialogs now make the correct model active.
    • Copy/paste now deals correctly with multiple languages.
    • OWL import/export now correctly deals with multiple languages.
    • Fixed bug 54: Made it possible to add remarks to identities.
    • Fixed bug 11: Windows now has a minimize button like Linux and MacOS.
    • Fixed bug 28: Pressing enter in an open menu causes crashes.
    • Fixed bug 36: Visualisation improvement: model fragment contents is moved to the upper-left corner of the screen with some extra whitespace.
    • Fixed bug 83: Requesting scenario properties when editing a scenario causes a crash.
    • Integrated Tooltip branch. SIHW added advanced tooltip functionality.
    • Fixed bug 86: Value history: Select all, Draw causes crash.
    • Fixed bug 70: Tooltips in the entity hierarchy do not work.
    • Fixed bug 55: Code should use partof_hypers to check for editors. Solved by new multiple model support.
    • Fixed bug 38: Tooltip for 'Simulate scenario X' or 'Open scenario list' does not work.
    • Fixed bug 84: Tooltip added for entity and quantity that appear when model includes general constraints, i.e., equations between multiple quantities.
    • Fixed bug 88: Potential problem in simulation visualisation code related to division by zero has been fixed.
    • Fixed bug 99: Changing quantity space causes MF to become unopenable in build (due to inequalities on removed values).
    • Fixed bug 100/103: Versionpatch fails due to Sketch. Impossible to add concepts to Sketches in DDBR model
    • Fixed bug 104: Sometimes it is impossible to delete certain model fragments.
    • Fixed bug 102: Model corruption occurs when multiple language support is added.
    • Fixed bug 109: [OWL Export] Inequality targetting zero of derivative fails when exporting to OWL.
    • Fixed bug 110: [OWL Import] Garp3 tries to import the same model fragment multiple times (due to multiple inheritance).
    • Fixed bug 111: [OWL Export] An MF with multiple parents has the inherited MF's twice in the OWL representation.
    • Fixed bug 112: [OWL Import] Model fragment is wrongly imported twice.
7 December 2007 29 November 2007 22 November 2007: 12 November 2007: 8 November 2007: 6 September 2007: 5 September 2007: 4 July 2007: 18 April 2007:
  • Updated glossary
  • Updated FAQ
  • Added Garp3 (v1.3.8)
    • Warning: the layout engine has been changed. Models before 1.3.2 will have their layout changed. Modellers have to rearrange the layout of their models! This fixes a long outstanding bug causing model ingredients to appear a long way off screen.
    • Revised tracer functionality: normal language, general/critical category, new colours, faster tracing, more info.
    • Sketch: multiple sketches (save and load) possible for Behaviour Graph.
    • Sketch: importing quantities now works analogously to import functionality in other sketches.
    • Preference name: Apply closed world assumption... changed to: Assume unknown influences to be zero
    • Exogenous increasing and decreasing: Changed semantics, will now come to a stop in endpoint of qspace.
    • Exogenous sinusoidal: had no transitions in single interval quantityspace (fixed)
    • [43]A scenario with two loose entities does not cause a model fragment with a single entity to fire twice. (fixed)
    • [51] The Sketch environment now also utilizes relative positions for recording screen layout.
    • Multiple sketches (save and load) possible for Behaviour Graph.
    • [72] Save-as does not work if the target filename has multiple dots (fixed, gives a warning now)
    • [73] [Versionpatches] Sketch datastructures still not present is some models (fixed)
    • [43] Creating a child fragment kills the layout, i.e. the layout is not inherited properly. (fixed)
    • [35] Cloning scenarios does not show the new scenario in the list (fixed)
    • [37] Tooltip, Editor names and QRM Portal support pages names are not consistent (fixed)
    • [42] Removed 'displayOrigin' from the copy/paste and OWL functionality, since that field is removed in the updated layout engine. This bug prevented scenarios and model fragments to be copy/pasted.
    • Multiple sketches (save and load) possible for Causal Model.
    • Added ps-files for sketch icons, allowing export from sketch to eps-files
    • Added icons for edit changes in Sketch environment
    • Renamed sketch icons so that all icons of the same size are used (all small, 17 * 17). This is consistent with the ps-versions of the icons.
    • Icon added for open selected saved sketch (copy of icon for 'edit changes'). Note: not black yet.
    • Icon added for edit changes in several sketch property editors (this one is black, as it should be)
    • Versionpatch for model definition 12->13: model layout and sketch structural relation definitions
    • [47] Entity, Agent and Assumption hierarchies are now ordered alfabetically (used to be reversed).
    • [6] Major improvements to OWL export/import code (dealing with imported model fragments/refinements)
    • [41] Improved interface for editing inequalities, quantities and values in sketch st-graph editor:
      • added buttons to add a quantity or value
      • added buttons to delete a quantity or value (check if Q/V name is used, give warning if necessary)
      • added radio buttons (values & quantities) to select mode for text field on the right hand side
      • empty values are deleted from the list of values
    • Added icon for sketch state (the bubbles tail)
    • Versionpatch for model definition 13->14: Added sketch quantity definitions to sketch stgraph (2 feb 2007)
    • [7] Model fragments are not reused when copy pasting (fixed)
    • [10] Impossible to copy paste refinements (fixed)
    • [56] Entities, Agents and Assumptions do not appear after paste (but are created) (fixed).
    • [57]Changing quantity in view editor does not update screen (fixed).
    • [62] Changing scenario properties does not update scenario list (fixed).
    • [63] Changing a quantity space in a parent which affects inequalities or calculi in child or imported model fragments causes the model to become corrupt (fixed)
    • [66] The copy/paste functionality does not reuse copies of model fragments (fixed)
    • [65] Model Fragment Hierarchy (of copyBuffer) is not properly emptied (fixed)
    • [68] Copying entities, agents or assumptions does not add them to the closest ancestor (fixed)
    • [69] Warnings and errors are not shown on windows (fixed)
    • [44] Improved handling of 'selected states' text field in ST-graph; selection is updated in the graph
    • [61] Improved path search algorithm, and added preferences: cyclic path, begin to end, and select end states. When memory runs out, Garp3 will not crash anymore, but say 'no path found'. Also shows when busy searching.
    • Inequality reasoning: remove weaker >= relations in favor of = relations had very minor bug (fixed)
    • Inequality reasoning: analyse zero equality technique uses bitvectors in stead of pl-lists now, saves translation. (small speedfix)
    • Inequality reasoning: analyse zero equality technique done more often (leads to stricter inconsistency check, fixes rare bug)
    • [9,6] Major improvements to OWL import/export code (dealing with refinements + nested operator relations).
27 March 2007: 06 February 2007: January 3-5 2007:
  • Added Garp3 support pages, which are also accessible by pressing the help buttons in Garp3. The support pages describe each editor, its purpose, the additional features, the definitions used in the editor, the related tasks. Each page also has an example with a screenshot and links to a table of icons used in the editor.
  • Updated the glossary with new entries and icons.
  • Added Garp3 (v1.0.2)
    • Warning: the layout engine has been changed. Models before 1.0.2 will have their layout changed. Modellers have to rearrange the layout of their models! This fixes a long outstanding bug causing model ingredients to appear a long way off screen.
    • Added layout bug fix (see above)
    • Changed support pages URL in Garp3 so the support pages can be accessed via the software
December 12th:
  • Added Garp3 (v1.3.6)
    • Warning: the layout engine has been changed. Models before 1.3.2 will have their layout changed. Modellers have to rearrange the layout of their models! This fixes a long outstanding bug causing model ingredients to appear a long way off screen.
    • Multiple sketches (save and load) possible for Concept map and Structure model
    • [31] Added missing patch detection for Sketches (caused by [30])
    • [32] Properties for Identity relations dialog fixed
    • [30] Changing quantity definition names issues (for models without Sketches) solved
    • [33] Deleting quantity instances causes exceptions (fixed)
    • Completed all import functionality between Sketches in the Sketch environment.
    • [26] Restored legacy mode functionality
    • Most of the help icons in Garp3 now link to the correct support pages. All help icons will have been linked at the end of 2006.
    • Fixed bug [27] Scenarios were not properly removed from the scenario list when deleted.
    • Changed specification of quantities, entities, agents, and assumptions in sketch for process definitions, agent definitions, and scenario definitions. Instead of one text field, they are now specified individually, with name and remarks. Versionpatch to new model definition version 11.
    • Added sketch import functionality from concept map to process/agent/scenario definitions.
    • Removed trace statement preventing OWL export
November 27th: November 6th:
  • Added Garp3 (v1.3.3)
    • [#24] New 'File' menu item in Entity, Agent, Assumption, MF Canvas, MF Editor, Scenario Editor, Concept Map, Structural Model, Causal Model, and State Graph Editor.
November 2nd:
  • Added Garp3 (v1.3.2)
    • Warning: the layout engine has been changed. Models before 1.3.2 will have their layout changed. Modellers have to rearrange the layout of their models! This fixes a long outstanding bug causing model ingredients to appear a long way off screen.
    • .OWL files are now saved as UTF-8 (bigger character-set). Models with symbols can now be uploaded to the repository.
    • Editors should now only update if their associated model changes.
    • Added sketch import functionality from concept map to structure and causal model
    • Reorganized metadata and order of Sketch editors conform to framework
    • Added tabs with more room for text in abstract, model goals, intended audience, and general remarks
    • Bugfix related to quantities in Sketch behaviour graph
    • Bugfix related to updating remarks in sketch (structural) relations
  • QRM Portal:
    • A security leak was fixed.
    • The model repository now allows special characters
October 18th: October 11th:
  • Added Garp3 (v1.3.1)
    • Fixed invisible calculations in the simulate environment
    • Fixed infinite loop when copy/pasting entities when entities with the same name exist (also affected model fragments).
    • Fixed refresh bug in Quantity Definition Editor when copy pasting.
    • Removed copy buffer tab.
    • Added model name in save warnings.
    • Removed save warning when loading a new file.
    • Fixed open scenario list window does not become active when 'Open scenario list' button is pressed'
October 3rd: September 12th: September 8th: August 21th - August 24th 2006: August 16th 2006: 18 July 2006: July 3rd - July 6th: May 2th 2006: April 10th 2006: March 6th 2006: February 22th 2006: February 21th 2006: February 9th 2006: February 1th 2006: January 11th 2006: December 23th 2005: December 5th 2005: December 1th, 2005: November 25th, 2005: November 15th, 2005: November 8th, 2005: October 31st, 2005: