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In order to provide support on the qualitative modelling of case models within the NaturNet-Redime project, software will be used to enable remote real-time communication. Skype will be used to allow free telephone-like communication over the internet.

Internet Telephony using Skype

As telephone communication to other countries is very expensive, Skype is a good alternative to communicate. The Skype program can be used to make free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It is available for free and works on most operating systems (Windows/Linux/MacOSX). Skype offers the possibility of making conference calls with up to 5 people. Two additional features are traditional chatting and file transfers.

As there are install and user guides available for Skype, the guidelines presented here are rather short. Please refer to the official Skype guides when you are having trouble.

  • Download a version of Skype for your operating system
  • Install Skype. (Be sure to unflag "Start Skype when the computer starts".)
  • Register as a Skype user (concatenating your first and last name is a good way of choosing an available username). Be sure to unflag "Start Skype when the computer starts", again.
  • Add other partners as contacts. (i.e. AndersBouwer, BertBredeweg, JochemLiem and others mentioned in the Partner Contacts file)
  • Try to call someone who is online.
  • Read the information about starting a conference call.