EMO: Episodic Memory Optimization for Few-Shot Meta-Learning


Few-shot meta-learning presents a challenge for gradient descent optimization due to the limited number of training samples per task. To address this issue, we propose an episodic memory optimization for meta-learning, we call mph{EMO}, which is inspired by the human ability to recall past learning experiences from the brain’s memory. EMO retains the gradient history of past experienced tasks in external memory, enabling few-shot learning in a memory-augmented way. By learning to retain and recall the learning process of past training tasks, EMO nudges parameter updates in the right direction, even when the gradients provided by a limited number of examples are uninformative. We prove theoretically that our algorithm converges for smooth, strongly convex objectives. EMO is generic, flexible, and model-agnostic, making it a simple plug-and-play optimizer that can be seamlessly embedded into existing optimization-based few-shot meta-learning approaches. Empirical results show that EMO scales well with most few-shot classification benchmarks and improves the performance of optimization-based meta-learning methods, resulting in accelerated convergence.

CoLLAs 2023