Christina Sartzetaki

Christina Sartzetaki

I am a PhD candidate supervised by Iris Groen & Cees Snoek and funded by the European AI Laboratory ELLIS. My research focuses on the representational alignment between deep video-AI and the human brain and behaviour. Through assessing the extent of alignment in current state-of-the-art models and researching methods to explicitly increase alignment, I aim to work towards the goal of enhancing the models’ robustness and generalisability.

Prior to my PhD I worked as a Machine Learning Engineer in DeepLab, a Greek tech company, where I was mainly involved with research projects on Brain Computer Interfaces, as well as scRNA-seq data. Before that, I worked on my Master’s thesis project on Social Video Question Answering.


  • Representational Alignment
  • Video-AI
  • Brain Imaging Data


  • Integrated Master’s (BSc & MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2016 - 2022

    National Technical University of Athens