The mission of UvA-Bosch Delta Lab (Deep Learning Technologies Amsterdam) is to perform world class research in machine learning and computer vision. Researchers at UvA will collaborate with Bosch researchers on topics including generative models, causal learning, geometric deep learning, uncertainty quantification in deep learning, human-in-the-loop methods, outlier detection, scene reconstruction, image decomposition, and semantic segmentation.  This research will be carried out by way of the following ten projects, each of which will have an associated PhD or postdoctoral researcher.
  1. Generative Models with Symmetries
  2. Generative Models for Causal Discovery
  3. PDE-Based Generative Models
  4. Anytime Uncertainty in Deep Learning
  5. Learning-to-Defer under Distribution Shift
  6. Continual Learning under Distribution Shift
  7. Structured Uncertainty Quantification in Computer Vision
  8. 3D Scene Reconstruction
  9. Intrinsic and Invariant Image Decomposition
  10. Structured 3D Semantic Segmentation