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Task description

The purpose of this task is to add a Refinement to a Model fragment

Task context

This task can only be accessed from the Model fragment editor. Model Fragment editor

Tasks in this workspace

When reusing a Model fragment which has another Model fragment as condition, the need may occur to refine that conditional Model fragment. For example Fast_Car is a child fragment of Car. Car has a conditional model fragment Wheel, which has a child Wheel_with_tire. The choice is to refine Wheel to Wheel_with_tire in the Model fragment Fast_Car.

To access this workspace, select the reused Model fragment in the editor and select 'Show subfragments' in the View pulldown menu. Select the sub fragment that needs to be refined and right-click with the mouse to open the menu and select 'Refine...'. This will open the workspace.

Select fragment Select the conditional Model fragment from the 'Possible Refinements' list in the editor.
Type remarks If desired, add remarks.
Apply changes Save the changes in the editor.
Cancel changes Cancel current activity and return to the previous situation without saving changes.

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