Theory of Computer Science

The Theory of Computer Science (TCS) Group does research on the theoretical foundations of computer science. The aim is to seek greater understanding of fundamental computational techniques and their inherent limitations. The TCS group forms an integral part of a vibrant community of TCS researchers in Amsterdam.

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TCS group pre 2022

The TCS group has a history of developing theory and tools in the field of algebraic specification which can be used to specify, analyse, and verify concurrent communicating and programmed systems. This link leads you back to the old group homepage, including publications from 1997-2018 and technical reports as well as software.


Group Chair

Scientific Staff


Nicolas Resch

Assistant Professor


John van de Wetering

Assistant Professor


Alban Ponse

Guest Researcher

Inge Bethke

Guest Researcher

Jan Bergstra

Guest Emeritus Professor

Kees Middelburg

Guest Researcher