Proceedings of


a workshop on
Generating Tools From Algebraic Specifications

CWI, Amsterdam, 11-12 May 1995

Technical Report P9504
Programming Research Group
University of Amsterdam

The papers presented at ASF+SDF'95 were published as technical report P9504 by the Programming Research Group of the University of Amsterdam. On these pages we provide the abstracts and links to postscript files of the papers. This overview is also available as PostScript file. For reference to and abstracts of the papers in the proceedings a BibTeX database is available (also in PostScript format). The frontmatter of the report is available as PostScript file. The postscript versions of the papers are given with the abstracts.

Invited Contributions

  1. The Prehistory of ASF+SDF (1980-1984)
    J. Heering & P. Klint

  2. The Evolution of Implementation Techniques in the ASF+SDF Meta-environment
    P. Klint (CWI/UvA)

  3. An Algebraic Machine for Imperative Programs (Abstract)
    J. Heering (CWI)

Case Studies I

  1. Program transformations using ASF+SDF.
    M.G.J. van den Brand, S.M. Eijkelkamp, D.K.A. Geluk, H. Meijer, H.R. Osborne & M.J.F. Polling (UvA/KUN)

  2. A PSF Library of Data Types
    S. Mauw & J.C. Mulder (TUE)

  3. Specifying Imp(G) Using ASF+SDF: A Case Study.
    S. Vigna (U. Milan)


  1. A Family of Syntax Definition Formalisms
    E. Visser (UvA)

  2. Friendly Incremental Prototyping
    M. V. Ferro & M.A.A. Pardo (Coruna)

  3. Specifying Visual Syntax
    S. Uskudarli (UvA)

  4. Pretty printing in the Asf+Sdf Meta-environment: Past, Present, and Future
    M.G.J. van den Brand (UvA)

Case Studies II

  1. Specification of Tools for Message Sequence Charts
    S. Mauw & E. van der Meulen (TUE, UvA)

  2. A Simple Pi-calculus Manipulation Tool
    A. van Deursen (TUE)


  1. Specifying an Automated Induction Proof Procedure in ASF+SDF
    D. Naidich & T.B. Dinesh (Iowa, CWI)

  2. Injection Misdemeanors
    T.B. Dinesh (CWI)

  3. The new ASF Compiler - An Excercise in Self-Applicability
    J.F.Th. Kamperman & H.R. Walters (CWI)

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