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First evaluations of different use level functionalities of DynaLearn at BOKU

At BOKU Annemarie Jung and Maria Zacharias have started their master theses on developing models on climate change effects on river catchments and the river continuum concept using the first Beta version of the DynaLearn workbench. The detailed documentation of their first model building activities with DynaLearn will provide important feedback for the software development. Welcome to the DynaLearn team!

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CLGE delivers 7 content models

Within the scope of work package 6, the development of a curriculum and content models, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (CLGE) has developed its first group of small models. The models developed within WP6 are intended to cover the key principles of environmental sciences. All partners that take part in WP 6 develop models that follow their expertise and interest. CLGE’s first seven models are on Water cycle, Intensive agriculture, Thermal dynamics of freshwater bodies, Secondary production, Dispersion and distribution of conservative pollutants, Dispersion and distribution of non-conservative pollutants, and Water shortage and scarcity under global changes.

Furthermore, a group of 7 bachelor students from the Sofia University will take part in a course on learning QR-modelling. For this course, draft lesson plans have been developed and will be applied during the next 7 weeks (in total 21 lecture hours).

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