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Second round of evaluation studies completed at BOKU

The second round of evaluation studies has been completed at BOKU. Features studied for their efficiency were Feedback, Grounding and Basic Help. 31 university students were actively working for two afternoons according to tasks provided by a moodle course without much intervention by the teacher. Furthermore an in-depth study was run with two high school students during four days. The target of these formative evaluation studies was to assess, if the  feedback provided by DynaLearn so far is sufficient to support self directed use and learning or not. Intermediate model uploads enabled us to compare models before and after feedback was given by the repository. At the first glance, feedback from an expert model in the repository yielded significant changes in model content and structure even after a short time, indicating the potentially high benefit of this feature for learning. Pre- and post tests, as well motivation questionnaires completed the assessments with regard to learning effects, motivational issues and acceptance.

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New team member @ UVA

wouter-beek-vs01 Wouter Beek started his PhD working on the DynaLearn project since September 1st, 2009. However, shortly after that he was involved in a serious accident (run over by a car…). In the meantime he is recovering remarkably well and since November 1st, 2009 he is back to work fully. At UVA we are very happy with this!

Wouter started working on the Basic help within the DynaLearn project. Later he will take on model debugging as his main focus.

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