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Uploaded: DynaLearn software version 0.8.5

Version 0.8.5 of the DynaLearn software has been released. For details see:


  • The version for SWI-Prolog should be at least 5.11.18 (for details see DynaLearn Installation Guide).

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Uploaded: DynaLearn software version 0.8.0

Version 0.8.0 of the DynaLearn software has been released. For details see:

Important changes with respect to the previous installations include:

  • The version for SWI-Prolog should be at least 5.11.13.
  • The dynalearn.conf file should include the <xml> and </xml>  tags (see the new dynalearn.conf.temp file for the exact location).
  • The dynalearn.conf file should include the new name of the server. See the dynalearn.conf.temp file for this change.

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Uploaded D6.3 – DynaLearn curriculum reflection and advancement

The D6.3 deliverable presents a reflection and analysis of the material presented in deliverables D6.1, and D6.2.1, D6.2.2, D6.2.3, D6.2.4 and D6.2.5 in order to refine the curriculum on DynaLearn Environmental sciences and make plans for the refinement of advanced models and for a refined DynaLearn curriculum. This deliverable deals with the following issues: reflection on what has been achieved so far; the refinement of the DynaLearn curriculum in terms of defining goals for structuring domain knowledge in advanced models; defining and planning advanced models in the context of refined curricula; and setting a proposal for the future work being delivered in D6.4 and D6.5.

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New website released !

DynaLearn has released a new website. Enjoy! Next we expect to provide more reusable materials on the education page, and background information on the project page.

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Uploaded evaluation studie D7.2.6

D7.2.6 is an extra deliverable, not mentioned by the DoW, initiated by the project partners. It conveys an integrative overview of the results of the evaluation activities conducted in phase 1 of the evaluation of DynaLearn (and as such summarises D7.2.1, D7.2.2, D7.2.3, D7.2.4 and D7.2.5). The deliverable refers to 22 evaluation activities conducted during 2010 with 442 participants. In the deliverable, the overall evaluation framework is presented, along with the questions addressed in phase 1, the main insights gained and the main conclusions drawn in this phase, and the plans for evaluation phase 2.

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Uploaded D8.3.1 (Review of two recent DynaLearn workshops)

Uploaded the a short review of two recent DynaLearn workshops D8.3.1

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Uploaded evaluation studie D7.2.1

Uploaded the evaluation study D7.2.1

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DynaLearn at the Scientix Conference

DynaLearn was selected as one of twenty-five ‘EU projects on science education for teachers’ to be presented at the Scientix conference, 6-8 May in Brussels. The conference is targeted especially at science, maths and technology teachers, but also invites researchers, policy makers and science communicators to participate. Scientix – the community for science education in Europe – was created to facilitate regular dissemination and sharing of know-how and best practices in science education across the European Union. Scientix is managed by European Schoolnet (EUN) on behalf of the European Commission (DG Research).

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Uploaded: Software v0.7.6 DynaLearn workbench

Version 0.7.6 of the DynaLearn software has been released. For details see:

Notice that there are two important changes with respect to the previous installations:

  • SWI-Prolog should be updated to the development version 5.11.13
  • For Mary TTS the following voices need to be installed: dfki-obadiah-hsmm, dfki-prudence-hsmm, dfki-spike-hsmm

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Uploaded evaluation studies

Uploaded recent evaluation studies: D7.2.2, D7.2.3, D7.2.4 and D7.2.5.

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