Impressions from the AULA 2012 educational fair

From 22 to 26 February, in Madrid, DynaLearn was presented in AULA, an international fair on educational products. At least two members of the project (UPM and FUB) were always available to meet students, teachers, parents and business people, and to explain what is DynaLearn, to give demos, to show videos and to discuss the possibilities of using the software with secondary school students, the majority of our visitors, and at the university.
Many of our visitors were teachers, and for them it was a surprise to see such a modeling environment and simulations without numbers. The diagrammatic approach to modeling was also a feature they liked and recognize it as a point in favour of introducing DynaLearn in the classroom.
Didactic materials are being uploaded to the website, and further contact with users and stakeholders will create the conditions for an increasing number of users to explore educational capabilities of DynaLearn.

We are grateful to the colleagues of UPM and FUB, who provided support for DynaLearn at AULA!

Some impressions from the fair:

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