Uploaded: DynaLearn software version 0.9.7

Version 0.9.7 of the DynaLearn software has been released. For details see:

Known limitations

  • ‘Why’ and ‘Diagnosis’ have been disabled for this release. They are planned for the next release
  • The ‘How To’ button works by (1) left clicking and then (2) right clicking it. The ‘How To’ option in the support menu works properly.
  • The Teachable Agent (TA) cannot be loaded twice, i.e. after exiting the TA mode DynaLearn must be restarted in order to enter TA mode again.
  • Creating an anchor term will not automatically ground the term to the anchor term.
  • Asking for recommendations crashes with models that contain special characters in thier name, such as: & …
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