Uploaded: DynaLearn software version 0.8.7

Version 0.8.7 of the DynaLearn software has been released. For details see:

  • Known limitations:
    • Saving models to OWL is now fairly stable. However, always save to HGP in addition to saving to OWL in order to make sure that you do not encounter any difficulties.
    • The Teachable Agent cannot be loaded twice, i.e. after exiting the TA mode DynaLearn must be restarted in order to enter TA mode again.

Improvements include (this version includes 3 fixes compared to version 0.8.6. Both 0.8.6 and 0.8.7 details are enumerated below):

  • Conceptual Modelling
    • [FIXED] The scenario and model fragment lists no longer appear on learning spaces 1 and 2.2 (version 0.8.7).
    • [NEW] The Support menu could be unresponsive for larger models, the HowTo option has temporarily been relocated to a BasicHelp menu, so that the Support menu remains accessible at all times (version 0.8.7).
    • [FIXED] ‘All’ and ‘none’ selection buttons work again in the causal view (simulate environment) (version 0.8.7).
    • [NEW] The save button is deactivated if there are no changes to the model.
    • [NEW] Upon saving to file, a message is displayed inside the statusbar. It stays there for a few seconds.
    • [NEW] Link to User Management System (UMS) in support menu.
    • [NEW] It is now possible to remove / de-assign quantity spaces in LS3.
    • [FIXED] Switching to LS2 while in simulation mode no longer reruns the simulation.
    • [FIXED] (Mantis 364) Deleting entities with relations connected to them would result in @nil for some argument routes of these relations.
    • [FIXED] Property dialogs would show up in top left corner (for a millisecond) before being located to the centre of the screen, resulting in a glitch like display event. Dialogs are first centred now, then displayed.
    • [FIXED] (Mantis 372) Scenario properties dialog no longer crashes when opened from within the view editor.
    • [FIXED] Changed use level to learning space in new model dialog.
    • [FIXED] Assumption property dialog can now be opened for editing.
    • [FIXED] Bug in which the build environment on LS2 would be inaccessible from within the simulate environment.
    • [FIXED] Close model bug.
    • [FIXED] Removed inadvertent occurrences of the INCOMPLETE message from status bar in simulation mode and build mode.
    • [FIXED] Quitting DynaLearn with an unsaved newly created model in the background (i.e. one that is not the currently visible model), would not allow to save that new model to file, even though the user was presented with the save changes dialog. This has now been fixed.
    • [FIXED] Removing a double configuration instance would inadvertently try to remove the configuration definition on which it depended. This would provide the user with inaccurate feedback. Now solved.
    • [FIXED] (Mantis 384) Value history now displayed for quantities with brackets in the name.
    • [FIXED] Added warning dialog to quantity add dialog in LS2-5.
    • [FIXED] Save changes in metadata views upon switching views.
    • [FIXED] Bug upon opening www pages from within DL on Unix, now shows a dialog instead of trying to open in browser.
    • [FIXED] Simplified calculation for the number of fragments in the action button bar (LS5 and LS6).
    • [FIXED] Added default values to layout information to fix bug.
    • [FIXED] Running all simulations and saving them no longer crashes on Linux.
    • [FIXED] Changed ‘no magnitude’ into ‘Default magnitude’ in state quantity dialog.
    • [FIXED] Change quantities in LS3 now hides the default quantity space.
    • [FIXED] Open saved simulation: crash resolved.
    • [FIXED] Fix when deleting all model fragments.
  • Semantic Technology
    • [NEW] The ability to use courses. You can enroll for courses using the UMS. Stored models will be related to the course. When logged in for a course, learners can only download models that are related to the course.
  • Virtual Characters
    • [NEW] The How To mode now follows the learner around by giving information in small chunks as the learner performs various build tasks.
    • [FIXED] Made HowTo working for new model dialog (no set model).
    • [FIXED] (Mantis 384) VC shutdown down not display notification dialog.
    • [FIXED] Improvements to quiz, i.e. the old superstate export.
    • [FIXED] The Mary TTS Proxy now works on Mac OS-X using the DynaLearn installer.
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