Multi Scale Networks and Systems (MS-NS)

The Multi Scale Networks and System group researches the emerging architectures that can support the operations of the future Internet.
In particular we focus on the delivery of secure and sustainable ICT services across multiple domains. Device programmability and virtualization will play in this field an ever-increasing role in designing networks and ICT infrastructures. Our research will tackle the new questions that emerge from studying the interplay of these novel capabilities. For more information see the theme lead: dr. P. Grosso

Network-aware system optimization

This research revolves around ensuring the performance and service quality required by applications that have very high business value (e.g. on-demand business collaboration platforms) or social impact (e.g. systems for early warning of disasters) on advanced networked infrastructures. For more information see or contact: dr. Z. Zhao

Semantic modelling and interoperability of complex infrastructure

This topic addresses the interoperability challenges in supporting discovery, analysis and interoperation between heterogeneous complex infrastructures. Our vision is to build an effective ‘knowledge fibre’ to facilitate information discovery, integration and reuse across distributed infrastructures. For details contact:  dr. Z. Zhao, dr. P. Grosso

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) for complex cloud resources provisioning
Current AAA and distributed access control research is focused on distributed access control infrastructure and services for cloud based resources provisioned on demand, continuing with the data centric security models and trust management in virtualized environment that also incorporate trusted computing model architecture.
For more information see: dr. Y. Demchenko