MultiScale Networked Systems (MNS)

The MultiScale Networked System (MSN) group researches the emerging architectures that can support the operations of multiscale systems across the Future Internet.

Programmable networks

We focus on the delivery of secure and sustainable ICT services across multiple domains. Device programmability and virtualization will play in this field an ever-increasing role in designing networks and ICT infrastructures. Our research tackles the new questions that emerge from studying the interplay of these novel capabilities.  In particular we explore the (networking) architectures and technologies that enhance users’ insight and control over their data flows. For more information see the theme lead: dr. P. Grosso

Data centric processing
The research investigate an alternative to the current approach to model complex scientific experiments as workflow of dependent tasks, in this approach scientific data is interlinked though data processing transformations which can be discovered and used to create the data processing workflow and not the way around. For more information see: dr. A.S.Z. Belloum.

Quality critical distributed computing

This research revolves around ensuring the performance and service quality required by applications that have very high business value (e.g. on-demand business collaboration platforms) or social impact (e.g. systems for early warning of disasters) on advanced IT infrastructures. We focus on novel programming and control models for quality critical systems on programmable infrastructures such as Clouds, Edges, and Software-Defined Networking using optimization, semantic linking, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. We are specifically interested in big data management, infrastructure optimization for data-intensive applications, and trustworthy service level agreements. For more information see or contact:  dr. Z. Zhao