Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI)

Cyber Infrastructure is rapidly evolving from relatively simple fixed components to programmable and virtualized objects with many degrees of freedom owned and operated by different entities in multiple administrative connected domains. The Systems and Networking Lab does research on four topics in the area CCI.

Data centric processing
The research investigate an alternative to the current approach to model complex scientific experiments as workflow of dependent tasks, in this approach scientific data is interlinked though data processing transformations which can be discovered and used to create the data processing workflow and not the way around. For more information see: dr. A.S.Z. Belloum.

Cloud-based Infrastructure Services Provisioning
SNE cloud related research are focused on the development of the Inter-Cloud Architecture Framework (ICAF) and its components including federated multi-cloud resource provisioning, intercloud security infrastructure and cloud powered DevOps models. For more information see: dr. Y. Demchenko.

Data Science Framework 
The research in this area continue at the edge of modern DSA technologies, AI, and Big Data infrastructure technologies targeting wide range of stakeholders from academia, European Research Infrastructure, industry and government. For more information see: dr. Y. Demchenko.

Infrastructure programming and control models for quality-critical applications
We investigate novel programming and control models for software-defined infrastructure in order to support quality-critical or data-centric applications. For more information see: dr. Z. Zhao

For more information about CCI see: prof. dr. ir. C. de Laat.