ExoGENI Rack

The ExoGENI rack, a cluster with 1 head node, 8 worker nodes, and 1 storage node with 6TB of storage space. It also has 700GB of fast Flash SSD storage space. All the machines connected using 10G Ethernet infrastructure with both traditional and OpenFlow links.

The rack uses Dell s4810 OpenFlow switch, which is currently linked to RENCI and will be linked to SURFnet and the SURFnet OpenFlow testbed using 40Gbit links. This will allow us to do experiments both on high-speeds as well as high-adaptability.

The image above shows our collaborations and connectivity with other OpenFlow projects and testbeds. Most importantly, we have direct links to the ExoGENI OpenFlow testbed, as well as the SURFnet OpenFlow testbed, and will cooperate globally with other OpenFlow initiatives.