Accessing ExoGENI

How to do experiments with the UvA’s ExoGENI rack:

1- Create a Geni account:

1 – Go to
2- Click on “Use GENI”
3- If the institution is not listed, click on “Request a login from the GPO”
4- Fill the form and send request
5- Follow the instruction on the e-mail received after the account has been approved

2- Join the SNE OpenLab project:

1- Login following the instructions on the e-mail, and click on “Use GENI” to go to the portal main page (if you are not there already)
2- Click on “Join a project” under “My Projects”
3- Look for “SNE_OpenLab” and click on “Join”
4- Send a request to the project leader

The SNE_OpenLab project will be available under “My projects” as soon as the requested is approved.

3- Create a slice and do experiments:

1- On the main page of the portal, look for the SNE_OpenLab project and click on “Create Slice”
2- Fill in the Slice name, and the description, if desired, and click on “Create slice”
3- Click on Slices, where the new slice will be available, and click on “Launch Flack” to launch the environment.
4- Look for the UvA’s ExoGENI rack and start to do experiments.

More information can be found on the GENI wiki:

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