OpenLab is a facility that provides an open experimentation environment for Software Defined Networking (SDN) research. OpenLab is hosted by the Systems and Networking (SNE) Lab at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam.

OpenLab currently consists of an ExoGENI Rack, multiple XenServer virtualisation servers, an OpenFlow testbed and various server and switching hardware for experiment purposes. HPC Fund and Ciena contributed to OpenLab.

Available for a large community

A large community outside the Informatics Institute uses OpenLab. Frequent users of the lab are for example the national research community (SURFnet GigaPort Research on Network project); eScience center (Astronomy); Faculty of Science research cluster I4DW (Informatics for a Data Rich World); Florida International University and University of Chicago; international CineGrid community (Waag, NFA, UCSD, NPS); international networking NREN community (GLIF SURFnet and GN3+  on 100gbps research); and UvA/VU COMMIT-projects.

SNE Lab welcomes students and researchers that would like to use OpenLab: How to use the ExoGENI UvA rack?

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