NOVI (Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures) research concentrates on efficient approaches to compose virtualized e-Infrastructures towards a holistic Future Internet (FI) cloud service. Resources belonging to various levels, i.e. networking, storage and processing are in principle managed by separate yet interworking providers. NOVI is concentrating on methods, information systems and algorithms that will enable users with composite isolated slices, baskets of resources and services provided by federated infrastructures.

NOVI is investigating federation at the data, control, monitoring and provisioning planes of constituent FI infrastructures.  For the prototype implementation NOVI is going to use the Europe PlanetLab and FEDERICA FI platforms [2, 3].

The project consists of five Work Packages:
WP1 – Project Management
WP2 – Information & Data Models for Resource Abstraction & Composition in Federated
WP3 – Control – Management Plane Extensions for Monitoring & Resource Brokering
WP4 – Monitoring – Resource Allocation – Authentication Toolset: Prototype Integration
WP5 – Dissemination,  Standardization and Exploitation

The main contribution of SNE group is on WP2 and WP4; the group is the leader of the WP2 package. Part of our work is the development and maintenance of the NOVI Information model; the development of the Resource Information Service (Database and the Resource Discovery), the GUI and the NOVI API.  In our work in NOVI we leverage the power of Semantic Technologies. For instance, we use RDF triple store as the Database engine and we provide the Information Model in OWL description. Semantic technologies give us the opportunity to apply reasoning and to apply a well defined semantic description to the resources.

Project website(s)
[1] NOVI
[2] Planetlab

People involved
Paola Grosso – WP2 leader
Chariklis Pittaras – Resources Information Service (Database and Resource Discovery)
Jeroen van der Ham – NOVI Information Model
Adianto Wibisono – NOVI GUI and API

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