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Big Data in Earth Observation at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands

Drs. Sjaak Koot visited the System and Network Engineering (SNE) Lab in December 2017. During his visit he gave a presentation about the use of big data at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands. Airbus Defense and Space Netherlands is part of Airbus and has significant operations in commercial earth observation. The audience for Koot his presentation consisted of researchers and staff of the SNE Lab.

The increase in earth observation data and the need for more global information and large variety of data in addition, requires a capable IT infrastructure. Sjaak Koot presented an overview on the directions of Airbus Defence and Space in applying big data technologies for earth observation and the challenges encountered.

Koot introduced the audience to a number of high resolution optical SPOT, Pleiades and radar satellites (Terrasar-X/PAZ) and the TROPOMI instrument developed together with TNO, SRON and KNMI for atmospheric trace gas research.

Drs. Sjaak Koot holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and works at Airbus (former known as Fokker Space, Dutch Space). At Airbus Koot developed different software’s. For example software for Onboard Control System for European Robotic Arm; Training Environment European Robotic Arm; software architect for System Test equipment of Attitude & Orbit Control Systems, and software procurement for the Instrument Control Unit of the TROPOMI instrument onboard Sentinel5P.