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NWO Perspectief grants SNE Lab’s proposal Efficient Deep Learning

Professor Dr. Rob van Nieuwpoort of the System and Network Engineering (SNE) Lab and his team received €900K from NWO Perspectief to start a five-year project on efficient deep learning. The project of Dr. Van Nieuwpoort is part of a larger programme called Efficient Deep Learning (€7M), a project with in total 11 academic and 36 industrial partners.

Together with three PhD-students, Van Nieuwpoort and three professors from the University of Amsterdam, the VU University and the Technical University in Eindhoven, studies how Efficient Deep Learning (EDL) can improve the applicability of deep learning for different industries. The team will make deep learning technology much easier to use for small and medium enterprises (huge problems are handled effectively on large-scale hardware).

The research outcome will lead to improvements in learning on unstructured data, better learning with humans in the loop, and faster learning by using hardware accelerators.

The EDL research is inspired by a broad range of societal and industrial deep learning applications, including manufacturing, medical instruments and astronomy. Many of them require more efficient deep learning using accelerators like graphics cards (GPUs) and clouds. The EDL approach will pave the way for innovations in for example food production, manufacturing, printing, surveillance and transportation.

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About NWO Perspectief

NWO is the Dutch organisation for scientific research. NWO Perspectief is a programme where hundreds of researchers are going to develop innovative technologies together with industry and social organisations. Their work concerns multidisciplinary research with a special emphasis on application. Together the parties will develop new research lines linked to the top sectors.

About Prof. Dr. Rob van Nieuwpoort

Prof. Dr Rob van Nieuwpoort is professor Efficient Computing for eScience at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Informatics Institute. Van Nieuwpoort also is director of Technology at the Netherlands eScience center. He worked as assistant professor at VU University Amsterdam’s Computer Systems research group and as a researcher at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. Rob has published in renowned scientific journals including Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems and IEEE Computer.