The GreenClouds project studies how to reduce the energy footprint of modern High Performance Computing systems (like Clouds) that are distributed, elastically scalable, and contain a variety of hardware (accelerators and hybrid networks). The project takes a system-level approach and studies the problem of how to map high-performance applications onto such distributed systems, taking both performance and energy consumption into account. We will explore three ideas to reduce energy:

  • Exploit the diversity of computing architectures (e.g. GPUs, multicores) to run computations on those architectures that perform them in the most energy-efficient way;
  • Dynamically adapt the number of resources to the application needs accounting for computational and energy efficiency;
  • Use optical and photonic networks to optimize the energy efficiency of transport and migration of data and computations.

The results of the project will be utilized by the SARA national HPC center that operates a supercomputer, clusters, accelerator systems, and an HPC cloud. Today, the costs of energy over the lifetime of these systems are already larger than their acquisition costs, so reducing energy is vitally important for centers like SARA. Moreover, the results will be utilized in DAS-4 itself.

GreenClouds is funded by NWO.

Project website(s)
[1] Smart – Green – Clouds – Nets

People involved
Cees de Laat
Paola Grosso
Karel van der Veldt
Hao Zhu

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