GEYSERS’ vision is a novel architecture capable of:

  • Seamless and coordinated provisioning of optical & IT resources;
  • End-to-end service delivery to overcome limitations of network domain segmentation;
  • A novel business framework for infrastructure providers and network operators;
  • A novel mechanism to partition infrastructure resources and compose logical infrastructures;
  • A cost & energy-efficient¬†proof-of-concept implementation.

Geysers Architecture

GEYSERS’ vision is to qualify optical infrastructure providers and network operators with a new architecture, to enhance their traditional business operations. Optical network infrastructure providers will compose logical infrastructures and rent them out to network operators; network operators will run cost-efficient, dynamic and mission-specific networks by means of integrated control and management techniques. GEYSERS’ concept is that high-end IT resources at users’ premises are fully integrated with the network services procedures, both at the infrastructure-planning and connection-provisioning phases.

Following this vision, GEYSERS will specify and implement a novel optical-network architecture able to support “Optical Network + Any-IT” resource provisioning seamlessly and efficiently. Energy-consumption metrics for the end-to-end service routing are part of this efficiency. GEYSERS proposes to:

  • Specify and develop mechanisms that allow infrastructure providers to partition their resources (optical network and/or IT), compose specific logical infrastructures and offer them as a service to network operators. This will be done overcoming the current limitations of networks/domain segmentation, and will support dynamic and on-demand changes in the logical infrastructures
  • Specify and develop a Network Control Plane for the optical infrastructure, by extending standard solutions (ASON/GMPLS and PCE), able to couple optical network connectivity and IT services automatically and efficiently, and provide them in 1 step, dynamically and on-demand, including infrastructure re-planning mechanisms.

These achievements will enable infrastructure providers, network operators and application providers to participate in new business scenarios where complex services with complex attributes and strict bandwidth requirements can be offered economically and efficiently to users and applications. GEYSERS’ outcomes will be validated in an EU-wide optical network test-bed.

Role of SNE
The SNE group contribute to the GEYSERS project with the Information Model Framework (IMF) and Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI). The IMF is used as basis for WP3 Logical Infrastructure Composition Layer (LICL) and other services interoperability in the overall GEYSER architecture.  The AAI enables security interoperations for WP3 LICL and WP4 Network Control Plane (NCP+), including authentication, authorisation and security context management based on the pluggable GAAA-TK library. In the WP2, we will contribute with defining the generic Complex Resource Provisioning framework and supporting its Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure.

GEYSERS is funded under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), project number 248657.

Project website(s)

People involved
Yuri Demchenko – Complex Resource Provisioning Framework
Mattijs Ghijsen – Information Model Framework (IMF)
Canh Ngo - Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure

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