Project description
GEMBus (GEANT Multi-domain Bus) is the main product of the GN3 project JRA3 Task 3 Composable Network Services. GEMBus uses SOA paradigm to provide a framework to define, discover, access and combine services in the federated G√ČANT multi-domain environment. It intends to span over different layers, from the infrastructure up to application elements. The GEMBus architecture is based on a general framework for composable services, founded on the industry adopted Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and extended to support dynamically reconfigurable virtualised services.

GEMBus offers the ability to facilitate the deployment of services, supports the composition of services (spanning different management domains) and enables the automation of a particular task of business process.

GEMBus is based on the Composable Services Architecture (CSA) proposed in the project and currently is considered as a service composition platform for Cloud PaaS in federated multi-domain environment.

GEMBus includes a set of core services that jointly constitute the GEMBus composable service platform and can be used to support user defined services:

  • Federated Service Registry: stores and provides information about GEMBus services.
  • Service Repository: stores service bundles, thus allowing their deployment via GEMBus.
  • Composition Service: enables services composition and supported by the orchestration engine.
  • Security Token Service: issues, verifies and translates security tokens to allow the authentication of requesters in a federated, multi-domain environment.
  • Accounting Service: provides configurable and aggregated access to the GEMBus login service to support monitoring, auditing, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.
  • Messaging service that provides underlying infrastructure for composable services interaction, integration and QoS management.

SNE role and contribution
SNE is contributing to the Composable Services Architecture development and in particular to the GEMBus Messaging services and GEMBus re-factoring to Cloud PaaS platform.

Project website(s)
[1] GEMBus

People involved
Yuri Demchenko
Cahn Ngo

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