The researchers and professors of the System and Network Engineering Lab are all part of at least one of the four educational programmes at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. The bachelor’s programme Informatics (Dutch) covers all computer components from software to hardware. The master’s programme Security and Network Engineering is about the technical details and understanding of the goals and needs of organisations and society to ensure correct infrastructure management.

The master’s Software Engineering focus on the broad field of software engineering. Computer Science is the master’s programme (joint degree VU/UvA) that covers computer operations such as system software, computer networks, programming environments, and theories about the limits of what can be computed, computational efficiency and the intricacies of concurrent execution.

Bachelor's Informatics     Master's Computer Science
Master’s Computer Science                                                       Bachelor’s Informatics

Master's Security and Network Engineering     Master's Software Engineering

Master’s Security and Network Engineering                           Master’s Software Engineering