Cloud-based Infrastructure Services Provisioning

Cloud Computing technologies are emerging as a common and uniform way of provisioning infrastructure services on-demand that may involve resources from multiple providers and multiple domains, including integration with the legacy services and infrastructures. In this way, clouds represent a new step in evolutional computing and communication technologies development chain by introducing a new type of services and a new abstraction layer for the general infrastructure services virtualisation (similar to utilities) and mobility. Current development of the cloud technologies demonstrate movement to developing Inter-Cloud models, architectures and integration tools that could allow integrating cloud based infrastructure services into existing enterprise and campus infrastructures, on one hand, and provide common/interoperable environment for moving existing infrastructures and infrastructure services to virtualised cloud environment. More complex and enterprise oriented use of cloud infrastructure services will require developing new service provisioning and security models that could allow creating complex project and group oriented infrastructures provisioned on-demand and across multiple providers.

Cloud based virtualisation allows for easy upgrade and/or migration of enterprise application, including also the whole IT infrastructure segments. This brings significant cost saving comparing to traditional infrastructure development and management that requires lot of manual work.

Cloud based applications operate as regular applications in particular using modern SOA Web Services platforms for services and applications integration, however their composition and integration into distributed cloud based infrastructure will  require a number of functionalities and services that can be jointly defined as Inter-Cloud Architecture.

SNE cloud research are focused on the development of the Inter-Cloud Architecture (ICA) that should address problems with multi-domain heterogeneous cloud based applications integration and interoperability, including integration and interoperability with the legacy infrastructure services, and to facilitate interoperable and measurable intra-provider infrastructures and clouds federation.

The proposed InterCloud Architecture defines four complimentary components addressing inter-cloud interoperability and integration:

  • Multi-layer Cloud Services Model (CSM) that combines commonly adopted cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, in one multilayer model with corresponding inter-layer interfaces;
  • InterCloud Control and Management Plane (ICCMP) that supports cloud based applications interaction;
  • InterCloud Federation Framework (ICFF);
  • InterCloud Operation Framework (ICOF).

The proposed ICAF will keep compatibility with the existing standards in Cloud Computing, in particular, recently published NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA), OGF Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI). The proposed architecture is intended to provide a conceptual model for developing InterCloud middleware and in this way will facilitate clouds interoperability and integration.

Current researches are focused on the following topics:

  • Architecture framework for Cloud based Infrastructure Services provisioning on demand that should provide a platform for Cloud IaaS model;
  • InterCloud Architecture Framework for Interoperability and Integration including four described above components. The specific focus is on the definition of InterCloud and inter-layer interfaces for InterCloud Control and Management Plane;
  • GEMBus (GEANT Multidomain Bus) as a platform for services composition in Cloud PaaS;
  • Dynamically provisioned Access Control Infrastructure (DACI) for Cloud IaaS infrastructure services provisioning (on-demand);
  • Trust management in on-demand provisioned virtualised DACI.

This research area provides input towards standard bodies such as the IETF, OGF, NIST, IEEE and TeleManagement Forum.

Publications and technical reports

Currently running projects

  • GEYSERS – Generalised Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services.
  • GEANT3 project – JRA3 Task 3 Composable services and GEMBus

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