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Workpackage 3
Bulk data transfer validations and application performance monitoring
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DataTag Work package 3

DataTAG is a joint research project sponsored by the European Commission. For more information, see the full Project Proposal, the work package overview or the DataTAG website.

The DataTAG proposal consists of six work packages (WP). This site lists the work of Work Package 3.

Work package 3

The work in WP 3, Bulk data transfer validations and application performance monitoring, will develop new and enhanced monitoring tools to validate the intercontinental infrastructure and provide information to understand user perceived performance in real-world tests.

Description and time schedule

The work in WP 3 consists of three tasks (Task 3.1 through 3.3). For more information, see
full description of Work package 3, including descriptions for each task.
Time schedule of Work package 3

Task 3.1:
Performance validation

Task 3.2:
End-user performance

Task 3.3:
Application performance

Workplan for task 3.1.

Performance of the trans-Atlantic lambda with UDP.

Network Test and Monitoring Tools, including downloads.

Deliverable 3.1 (Word)

Deliverable 3.2 (Word) or executive summary only.

Theoretical model for non-intrusive network monitoring.

Netherlight Lambda Test Results.

DataTAG CERN - StarLight Link Test Results.

rTPL tool Remote Throughput, Ping and Load net performance package.


Grid application monitoring

Deliverable 3.3 (external link) or executive summary only.


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Participating in task 3.1 and 3.2 Participating in taks 3.2 Participating in task 3.2 and 3.3


You will find most publications, presentations and meeting notes at CERN's EDMS document repository. The documents below will soon be moved to that location.

TCP Friendlyness, presentation by Freek Dijkstra (UvA) (Powerpoint, 116 kB). Presented at the DataTAG meeting 25 September 2003 in Geneva.

TCP behavior on Transatlantic lambda's, presentation by Wim Sjouw (UvA) (Powerpoint, 1.7 MB). Presented at the First European Across Grid Conference on 14 February 2003 in Santiago de Compostela.

DataTAG - WP 3 Objectives, activities and progress, presentation by UvA, INRIA and CERN (Powerpoint, 31 kb). 27 august 2002.


First European Across Grid Conference : "TCP behavior on Transatlantic lambda's", article by Wim Sjouw, Antony Antony, Johan Blom, Cees de Laat and Jason Lee.

EU review

Combined WP2 / WP 3 presentation
DataTAG is a project sponsored by the European Commission - EU Grant IST-2001-32459