SNE lab – main page

The Systems and Networking (SNE) lab is a research lab at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam.

The lab is formed by three cooperating and complementary  research groups: CCI – Complex CyberInfrastructure; MNS – Multiscale Networked Systems and PCS – Parallel Computing Systems.

The Systems and Networking lab conducts  research on leading-edge computer systems of all scales, ranging from global-scale systems and networks to embedded devices.

Across these multiple scales our particular interest is on extra-functional properties of systems, such as performance, programmability, productivity, security, trust, sustainability and, last but not least, the societal impact of emerging systems-related technologies.

Our approach to research is a practical and engineering-oriented one that regularly involves the design, implementation and maintenance of prototypical tools and proof-of-concept applications that demonstrate and promote our research results.