Computational Color Constancy: Survey and Experiments

Publication Teaser Computational Color Constancy: Survey and Experiments
A. Gijsenij, T. Gevers, J. van de Weijer
In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2011.
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Computational color constancy is a fundamental prerequisite for many computer vision applications. This paper presents a survey of many recent developments and state-of-the-art methods. Several criteria are proposed that are used to assess the approaches. A taxonomy of existing algorithms is proposed and methods are separated in three groups: static methods, gamut-based methods and learning-based methods. Further, the experimental setup is discussed including an overview of publicly available data sets. Finally, various freely available methods, of which some are considered to be state-of-the-art, are evaluated on two data sets.

Please visit for an overview of publicly
available source-code and data sets. Also, pre-computed results for
a selected number of methods and data sets can be downloaded.

IEEE Xplore.

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