Generalized Gamut Mapping Using Image Derivative Structures for Color Constancy

Publication Teaser Generalized Gamut Mapping Using Image Derivative Structures for Color Constancy
A. Gijsenij, T. Gevers, J. van de Weijer
In International Journal of Computer Vision 2010.
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The gamut mapping algorithm is one of the most promising methods to achieve computational color constancy. However, so far, gamut mapping algorithms are restricted to the use of pixel values to estimate the illuminant. Therefore, in this paper, gamut mapping is extended to incorporate the statistical nature of images. It is analytically shown that the proposed gamut mapping framework is able to include any linear filter output. The main focus is on the local n-jet describing the derivative structure of an image. It is shown that derivatives have the advantage over pixel values to be invariant to disturbing effects (i.e. deviations of the diagonal model) such as saturated colors and diffuse light. Further, as the n-jet based gamut mapping has the ability to use more information than pixel values alone, the combination of these algorithms are more stable than the regular gamut mapping algorithm. Different methods of combining are proposed. Based on theoretical and experimental results conducted on large scale data sets of hyperspectral, laboratory and realworld scenes, it can be derived that (1) in case of deviations of the diagonal model, the derivative-based approach outperforms the pixel-based gamut mapping, (2) state-of-the-art algorithms are outperformed by the n-jet based gamut mapping, (3) the combination of the different n-jet based gamut mappings provide more stable solutions, and (4) the fusion strategy based on the intersection of feasible sets provides better color constancy results than the union of the feasible sets.

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