Publications of F. Alnajar
Age estimation under changes in image quality: An experimental study
F. Alnajar, T. Gevers, S. Karaoglu
In IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2015.
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Combining Facial Dynamics With Appearance for Age Estimation
H. Dibeklioglu, F. Alnajar, A. A. Salah, T. Gevers
In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2015.
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Expression-Invariant Age Estimation
F. Alnajar, Z. Lou, J. M. Alvarez, T. Gevers
In British Machine Vision Conference 2014.
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Calibration-Free Gaze Estimation Using Human Gaze Patterns
F. Alnajar, T. Gevers, R. Valenti, S. Ghebreab
In International Conference on Computer Vision 2013.
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Learning-Based Encoding with Soft Assignment for Age Estimation Under Unconstrained Imaging Conditions
F. Alnajar, C. Shan, T. Gevers, J. M. Geusebroek
In Image and Vision Computing 2012.
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