The UvA Color Document Data Set

Copyright (c) University of Amsterdam / ISIS
2 July 2001

The document images on this CD-ROM are for research purpose only.
No parts of this product may be reproduced, distributed, copied or published.

The dataset containes 1190 pages scanned from 8 wellknown magazines:

Cosmopolitan	(may 2001)		362p
IEEE-Computer				132p
IEEE-Spectrum				106p
NationalGeographic			160p
NewsWeek				 64p
PC-Magazine				178p
The NewYorker				 94p
Time					 94p

The images were scanned with a HP ScanJet scanner at 300dpi, 16 millions collors.
Originally all documents were stored in uncompressed TIFF format (total 23.3 GB).
Due to the limited capacity of CD-ROM, documents on the CD-ROM are stored in
compressed JPEG format (quality factor 75%) . Original TIFF images can be requested from the 
University of Amsterdam.

More information from:

Leon Todoran
Marcel Worring