Exchange program

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Exchange program

ELLIS units will exchange students, postdocs and faculty. See here for a current list of ELLIS exchange students and postdocs. The time of the exchange is fully flexible and the cost-sharing model should be negotiated between the exchanging institutions. The ELLIS PhD program includes a requirement for the PhD students to visit other labs for a minimal duration of 1 year. Applications for an exchange can be sent to Max Welling.
Note that exchanges can happen with all ELLIS faculty and associated faculty at the Amsterdam Unit.
Housing People in Amsterdam

Period of staying may not be longer than 4 months at the time. Responsibility; the University of Amsterdam is not responsible. Prices are in estimation of period and length of stay. Information can be retrieved via the support staff.

More information
The UvA cannot help you out with finding a possible place at a kindergarten or primary school. Information on childcare organizations and primary schools on or near Science Park can be retrieved via the support staff. In the Netherlands one is free to choose the school you prefer, however there cannot be given a guarantee for success. All depending on availability at the moment of your stay.
PhD student working on probabilistic deep generative models with Prof. Ole Winther at DTU Compute in Copenhagen, Denmark. I also work part-time at the start-up, developing corporate virtual assistants using information retrieval, natural language processing and deep learning.
January 2, 2020 to May 29, 2020

Didrik Nielsen