Bsc&Msc Programs

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ELLIS Bsc&Msc travel grants

Through a sponsorship of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., ELLIS Amsterdam provides travel grants for Bsc and Msc students of the University of Amsterdam to present their papers at top-tier ML or AI related conferences.

More details can be found in the call.

To apply, use the application form: [application form (pdf)], [application form (word)].

ELLIS MSc honours programme

ELLIS offers an honours programme for talented MSc students at the University of Amsterdam, allowing them to connect with leading researchers and top-tier academics in their field. As an ELLIS honours student, you will conduct a research project supervised by two ELLIS members at different ELLIS sites, and you will make an ELLIS-sponsored visit to your co-supervisor.

A more detailed description of the programme and information on the application procedure can be found here.

[application form (pdf)], [application form (docx)]

ELLIS MSc hosting programme

The Amsterdam ELLIS Unit financially supports short visits of talented master students to the University of Amsterdam. The ELLIS Amsterdam MSc hosting programme can be used to cover costs of Msc students obtaining a degree related to Artificial Intelligence that visit an ELLIS member at the UvA in the context of an existing collaboration between the host researcher and an ELLIS member in a different country. Further details can be found here: ELLIS MSc hosting programme.

Applications are done by the host ELLIS researcher at the university of Amsterdam, using the application form: [Application form (pdf)], [Application form (word)].

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