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Our mission

  • We want the best basic research to be performed in Europe, to enable Europe to shape how machine learning and modern AI change the world
  • We want to have economic impact and create jobs in Europe, and believe this is achieved by outstanding and free basic research, independent of industry interests

Our vision

  • Fundamental research in modern AI
  • Be a top employer in machine intelligence research
  • Develop a highly attractive European PhD program
  • Europe will be able to play a major role in the scientific and societal revolution that is underway


  • Enabling state-of-the-art research
  • Building a community of excellent researchers
  • Connecting knowledge institutes and industry


  • Cooperation in Europe between research organizations and Innovative companies
  • Organizing events and workshops
  • Exchange program of researchers between the research organistions and companies
  • Outstanding facilities and computing infrastructure
  • Inter-governmental organization
  • Labs in partner countries at the top academic sites for machine learning & perception research
  • Programs for visiting researchers (both from academia and industry)
  • Workshops and summer schools
  • European PhD and MSc program split their time between ELLIS and local university or industry research labs
  • Found startups based on IP
  • Generate long term funding commitment