Amsterdam ELLIS team participates in the Data-Centric AI Competition challenge

In the spirit of community building, the Amsterdam ELLIS unit will start participating in data challenges!  We are glad to announce that we have a new ELLIS team for the ELLIS challenge program. 

The team is participating the Data-Centric AI Competition. It is a collaboration between DeepLearning.AI and Landing AI, the Data-Centric AI Competition aims to elevate data-centric approaches to improving the performance of machine learning models.

The team is now ranked 14 among 250 teams on the leaderboard

Here is our team! Contact us if you want to join!

Team leaders

Kishan Parshotam (master alumni of IvI, co-founder of Just.Ai)

Gabriel Benedict (PhD in IRLab) 

Team coordinator

Dan Li (Postdoc in IRLab & ELLIS)

Team members

Ali Vardasbi (PhD in IRLab)

Antonis Krasakis (PhD in IRLab)

Mariya Hendriksen (PhD in IRLab) 

Mathias Parisot (master in IvI)

Ivo Verhoeven (master in IvI)